What is Dank Signals? DANK ?

Dank Signals is an user-friendly conglomerate of exposure to crypto-currency trading knowledge & experience. Utilizing Dank Signals, users will learn the roots of crypto-currency and fully understand market trends and analysis. We will dive into details to ensure new members fully understand the ins and outs of digital assets - from security, to trading strategies, technical analysis understanding and profitability options & protection and much much more!

By allowing users the ability to lease our automated trading services & tools directly helps to remove the probability of human error from their executions, excludes emotional decisions caused by in-experience and more importantly saves you from having to memorise complex trading strategies & learning/testing these new abilities at the same time on a live-market with real funds. The trading tools allows individuals more time in their daily routines are they can escape the tight attention grasp that crypto-trading consumes. Members can choose from a wide range of options, purchase and utilise the trading tools directly on 4 major trading exchanges via API configuration, following our public trade signals in our chat group, or earning directly by referring friends.

Dank Signals is working to ensure you are always able to generate revenue, even while you sleep!


What's More ?

Experienced or successful traders can make additional revenue in the form of DANK tokens by leasing common trade analysis explanations/lessons to other customers through the Dank Signal operations. This allows complete beginners to learn with confidence and ease by leasing these strategy lessons from the Dank Signal operations. Everything in the Signal operations has live metrics to show how the strategies have been performed, and ratings showing which strategies are the most popular. Inside the Dank Signals ecosystem, community members will be able to share cryptocurrency information, insight and views, ask questions and learn from fellow traders in our built in social trading network. Users will also be able to like and rate content.

What's different about Dank Signals? Difference


Social trading network

allows users to learn strategies from, discuss and connect with other traders in real time.


Trading lessons

Learn to trade in detail with explanations of what is actually occuring during trades and what to look for on your own.


Direct consulting access

Connect with our Expert trade analysts 24/7, 365 days a year.


Simulation Mode

Allows you to test your strategies over live market trends in real time without using real currency, this allows user to gain confidence within the markets.


Utilise artificial intelligence trading tools

Directly connects to your personal exchange account via secured API that are quick and easy tp set up with your own trading requirements or choose from a preselection of default settings.


Easy to set up

No programming skills required. Prior trading knowledge is not required.


Set parameters in USDT/BTC/ETH

Trade on any base market the exchange offers to ensure the safest and maximum potential on trades.


Automatic Configuration

Allow the algorithm to decide what is the best method to utilise.


Lightweight decentralized application DAPP

secure, fast and accessible on the go for all customers.

What Can I use Dank Tokens for?

  • Social trading network allows users to learn strategies from, discuss and connect with other traders in real time.
  • Trading lessons with detailed explanations of what is actually occuring during trades and what to look for on your own.
  • Direct consulting access with our Expert trade analysts 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Co-Op media options for brand exposure & reputation gain
  • Single coin trading allows maximum security of your funds. Use our automated trading tools only on the individual coin you have selected to maximum protection against losses while also ensuring you are only trading the coin you want.

The DANK Signal App apps


You can access Dank Signals services directly through our Decentralized Application (DAPP) once we have launched into the public. All you will need is a mobile of Wi-Fi connection to access our investment platform, stradegies, and much more

  • View token balances.
  • Quickly send or receive DANK between users with zero transaction costs.
  • Gain direct on the go access to consulting.
  • Archive of current and past charts/signals.

Our Roadmap RoadMap

March 2019

Token withdrawal & deposits enabled for all users

May 2019

White paper V1 release

Social Marketing Revamp

July 2019

Educational Courses Section

Development & public release BETA testing

September 2019

Community Market Analysis Study Section Development &

public release BETA testing

October 2019

Automated trading tools feature upgrade & implementation

Additional Trading Exchanges

November 2019

UX interface remodeling

Community input

December 2019

Referral program relaunch

Token Airdrop to verified members

February 2020

Community Consulting Section Development & BETA Release

April 2020

Marketing Revamp

Educational content additions

June 2020

Chat messenger development

September 2020

Personal Trading Channels Structure & Development

November 2020

Digital Merchandise Store

Branded Exclusive Dank collectables

Community Poll for New Implementations

December 2020


2020-2022 Roadmap


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