Posted at:/2019-01-20 08:21:43

Market Analysis - BTC/USDT  

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Today bitcoin is trending in the $3500/btc range, after taking a dip from a $3650/btc valuation yesterday.
Based on  1 day trend charts on the past year of activity and retroactive support lines for trades, prior to the great pump of 2017/2018,
it is appearing as though bitcoin just may have the possibility to reduce its value down to the $2600/BTC valuation.
We will be keeping an eye on this trend and setting some potential buy orders in the range mentioned to secure additional holdings, if the events proceed as suspected.

Disclaimer ; This is NOT trading advice and should not be taken as such. We do not encourage the purchase of digital assets and must acknowledge that such behavior is an extreme risk and may be considered a gamble as results are unpredictable. Please conduct your own research, analytics, and professional opinions when making financial decisions. We do not promote, or speculate on potential revenue. We simply share informative data, which is publicly available at any time, we share these findings & analyzations with our community to include within their own research. This information is NOT to be taken directly or as direct coaching.

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