Posted at:/2019-05-13 17:39:09

Market Analysis - BTC/USDT   

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Today bitcoin is trending in the $7900 USDT/BTC price range,
Our last analysis posted at a valuation of 4980 USDT/BTC on April 5th,
This analysis prediction called for an upswing over the coming weeks to the $6499USDT/BTC price valuation
This target has reached and surpassed successfully in about 45 days, resulting in a true net profit ranging from 40-60% in a short timeframe,
or a grand total profit margin of nearly 180-200% since our initial analysis back in January

As a result of reaching support targets, we may see a small backwards correction atleast down to $6500 support lines as previously predicted, but we are much ahead of target
it is appearing as though bitcoin just may have the possibility
to continue to rise over the coming weeks/quarter to a price range exceeding 10,000 USDT/BTC valuation. as per our last analysis information
This is indicated in the graph above

We will be keeping an eye on this trend and will continue to post as necessary to update our findings accordingly with the community.

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