Posted at:/2019-11-11 06:26:36

McAfee DEX & Switch DEX integration completed into the Traders' Knowledge Hub  

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McAfeeDEX & SwitchDEX are now integrated directly onto Dank Signals Traders Knowledge Hub .
You can purchase $DANK directly from the platform by accessing the "Buy Tokens" page on the left toolbar, or selecting "+Funds" on the top right,
Once you have tokens in your account balance, simply process a withdrawal on the "Deposit/Withdrawal tokens" page.
Once you have submitted the withdrawal fee, it will process to your personal ETH wallet that you configure.

Access the exchanges by selecting on the "Exchanges" tab on the top toolbar. A drop down menu will appear allowing you to opt-in into whichever exchange you desire.
You will then be free to connect MetaMask to the chosen exchange and engage a token deposit into your trading account and begin trading on the exchange via metamask, while remaining on the platform the entire time!

We hope this will increase accessibility to the token and expand its use within the ecosystemVisit

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